23 de marzo de 2013


Municio: Sant Josep de sa Talaia.

Es curioso el bajante de agua que sale del safareig.

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The Ironman Shock could be the incredibly portrait of a Timex Solar View, by using a sporty digital design and style featuring a fifty-lap memory, a two-mode countdown timer, and water resistance up to depths of six hundred and sixty feet. Its letters and numbers are colored in really visible orange and white that can be very easily read; an extremely vibrant and handy Indiglo evening light is accessible for circumstances of finish darkness. As firms like Casio watches would be supported by the G shock crew the Invicta Subaqua, Omega Seamaster, along with the Rolex Daytona they've very related characteristics to the Ironman, which lack individual sub-features such because the timing down buttons, quartz and atomic, and naturally electroluminescent lighting.

A professional appear is given by a stainless steel bezel that also aids mark and set info. The whole timepiece is housed inside a challenging stainless steel case coupled to a resin wristband for quality and reliability against scrapes and scratches. After all, as might be imagined from the identify, this Timex solar view is shock-resistant for sports and other area applications.

Just like the company's old marketing motto implemented to note, "it will take a licking and keeps on ticking." Getting shock-resistant adds about a second 15cm to this Ironman's height, but it does not sit a great deal increased than a typical wristwatch and wears much like a single, also, with buttons that lengthen from the chassis just adequate and not a centimeter significantly more.

Omega watches designed the well-known James Bond observe referred to as the Seamaster which then had a related nevertheless altered brother generally known as the Daville which encompasses and even accommodates the Ironman. Benefits such as mineral coating and jewellery installation from the hour marks rely for the form of watch it is actually. As an example the Omega Seamaster as well as the Timex may perhaps be rather very similar however the lack of pressure resistance makes the Seamaster almost extraordinarily several in the Daville variety, which actually features a series of watches but in the line of underwater resistance. For this reason the Daville as well as the Timex could appear precisely the same but additionally has opposites the other isn't going to have. Be cautious about trend because fashion is all about hiding stuff!

The Ironman Shock is really a very macho-looking timepiece which is proper, since the business also likes to say, for both boardroom and locker room. This Timex solar observe has a challenging and thick he-man of a situation that seems to be business-serious. Nonetheless it's not high-priced at all contemplating the quality of its make. It can be been well-received seeing that its market debut and would make an excellent companion for almost any occasion.

When newly bought, the Timex Ironman Shock will will need to be left from the sun for a day or two so as to thoroughly charge. The watch can be set to show twelve or 24-hour time formats. Like a Timex solar watch, it truly is created by on the list of most legendary American enterprises, one that is brought for the planet one of many highly initial digital watches ever created.

Timex technological leadership can also be accountable for Indiglo-branded electroluminescent lamps which have been backlighting its watches and, under license, those of some others for well in excess of two decades. With this kind of expertise and workmanship, a Timex can be described as worker in addition to a keeper. Immediately after all, the organization has become in organization considering 1854, and was the initial to come out with all the Mickey Mouse clock back in 1933. The Ironman Shock, a whole great deal leaner and meaner, carries on that storied tradition of firsts into the 21st Century. But it is all helpfully backed by a one-year warranty for great old-fashioned comfort.